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About LaTosha

Born in Haines City, Florida, LaTosha moved to Bossier City, LA when her Air Force parents were stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base.  LaTosha was born with a burning desire to sing and entertain. As a matter of fact, the desire was present before she even had the talent. When her father explains her singing ability as a young child, he said, “Not only could she not carry a tune in a bucket, she didn’t even have a bucket to carry the tune in!” What’s so special about  LaTosha is that she was not born with the melodious voice she has today; her talent is actually a testament to the power of the faith!

“Whatever it is you believe to be true, is!” (Rhonda Byrne, The Secret, 2006).


Even though no one around her believed that she had a beautiful voice, she believed she did. She would spend countless hours staying up late and practicing even though she knew she had school the next day. Then, one day, it all paid off. Being able to sing well was once just a figment of her imagination and feeling in her heart, but eventually her talent manifested itself into a reality!  When asked how she felt when her singing ability actually revealed itself, she said, “It was weird! One day I started singing and it sounded different - a good different!”  It was good enough for her dad to sit up and take notice. He said, “It wasn’t the prettiest voice, but it was a lot better than it was before!” Pretty soon she was entering and winning singing competitions. Then, the next thing you know, invitations to sing came flooding from all over!

LaTosha began singing in churches and various events all across the country.  She especially enjoyed singing at military events, where she sang both inspirational and patriotic songs.  “One of my most memorable moments,” recalls LaTosha “was when I was asked to sing before hundreds of Veterans. It was both rewarding and life changing to sing to people who fought for our freedom.” LaTosha’s stage presence and voice brought the huge outdoor crowd to their feet.  When she sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” she brought the house down! The moment was so riveting and moving that many of the veterans, including the mayor of Shreveport, LA, at the time, were brought to tears.  LaTosha remarked, “Any confusion about whether I should be a singer or not was laid to rest at that moment.” She knew then that she was made to do this.

“I just want to make people happy through my gift,” says LaTosha. “Even if it’s only for a moment, I want people to forget about their problems. I do this either by getting them on their feet dancing or singing that ballad or inspirational song that creates a moment of escape or a moment of inspiration for them.”


LaTosha performs many genres of music including pop, country, rock, R&B and alternative. LaTosha’s high energy, sophistication, and versatility has taken her all over the world. Not only has LaTosha performed in the United States, Turkey, France and Zurich, but she has also performed extensively in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Oman, The Middle East, Singapore and Korea. Her versatility is not only evident in the wide range of music she sings, but also in her style and the type of show she brings. Her audiences include high ranking government officials, night club go-ers, and everything in between. Some times she uses an explosive delivery, performs a soulful rendition of a song, or utilizes her powerful vocals. Her ability to stay true to the sound of any genre she sings plus being known as one of the most pleasant entertainers to work with, LaTosha Thomas has become an all-around favorite.

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