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The Secret to LaTosha's Versatility

Though she is an independent original artist, LaTosha also does cover shows! She brings her originality to some of the most popular tunes spanning several time eras and genres. When asked what advice she would give to another underground artist, she states the following: 

“Being a full time musician in the underground market has its challenges. In order to prosper you have to have multiple streams of income for your artistry. You have to be versatile and willing to reinvent yourself if necessary. The balancing act is to do that and still remain authentic and true to yourself! I have multiple aspects to who I am authentically. Everyone has different sides to their personality, so I’ve just separated them, given them names, and marketed them separately.

As an individual artist, this works out for me because I honestly don’t have a favorite genre - I just love music! I might be rocking country music one minute, rock the next, R&B the next, blues the next, funk the next, and so on. I even love performing all of these different genres equally! It’s all authentically me. However, for marketing purposes, it’s easier to separate certain aspects.

Some original artists think it’s beneath them to do cover shows, but personally, as an original artist, I’m not too proud to sing someone else’s music. There are a lot of phenomenal songs out there! I just put my spin on them and make them my own while still staying true to the sound. because of how I operate, I have something for everyone! After all, it’s all about the FANS! Whatever the gig or atmosphere calls for, I’m always ready!”

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